Come along on Ella’s journey…

Hey, folks.  Thanks for visiting my site and my first blog post.  How exciting for me to have an author’s website and to be looking forward to publication of my first novel this coming spring!

It’s been a long time coming –– honing my craft (hopefully) up in my writer’s garrett, lo’ these many years.  The writing is the fun part, but it sure is nice for a creative soul to have some external validation. 😉 I hope you will read the book.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Many thanks to the wizened and sharp-eyed folks at Vine Leaves Press, which does a rare great job of launching new writers who deliver a blend of popular and literary story telling.  Special thanks at VLP to senior reader Alana King, and to publishers Jessica Bell and Amie McCracken.

I promise more interesting blog posts are coming!  Please let me know what aspects of the history surrounding this novel you’d like to hear more about.  We’ll talk next time about the women’s empowerment that happened as a result of the war effort in WWII.(And, if you’re interested in music of 30s and 40s, give the Ella’s War playlist a listen to catch a little of the ambiance of the time.)