Ella’s War

When Ella Hall is left to fend for herself and her child by the departure of her restless common-law husband, Lee Tingle, to World War II, she is able to save their farm with the help of a German POW who becomes more than a helper…leaving her with an explosive situation and heartrending decision when Lee returns.

Cover of Ella's War, the debut novel by Rusty Allen

the debut novel, available now,
Vine Leaves Press

Book Cover with graphic text - Ella's War [an excerpt] Rusty Allen

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“Rusty Allen’s Ella’s War takes us back to a well-known time, World War II, but not a well-known place for the events of that time, the East Coast of the United States, where a conflict an ocean away pairs the strangest of bedfellows, women farmers, with German POWs assigned to help keep the farms from failing. A dramatic, beautiful time and place the likes and sentiment of which this country may never see again, in full display by Mr. Allen’s excellent literary prose and revealing storytelling.

An extraordinary, rewarding read.”

– Chris Bauer

Author of The Blessid Trauma Crime Scene Cleaners series and the suspense thrillers Binge KillerJane’s Baby, and Scars on the Face of God, and co-author of espionage thriller Air Race.  

  • Oh, That Moment of Admitting to What You Already Know
    In Ella’s War, a moment arrives for our heroine in which something seemingly incidental confirms what she already knows but not acted on.  An otherwise minor experience clarifies a profound life decision that…
  • How We Deal With and Look Upon Temptation
    In Ella’s War, our heroine — is that the right thing to call her? —makes moral choices and life decisions.  When I hear readers expressing differing opinions on whether she…
  • A Book, A Party — & Presto, an Author
    What a dream come true. Ella’s War released on May 23, and the response and experience has been amazing.  Good reviews, many congrats, and continued plaudits.  Plus, a party! The book release event for Ella’s…

“a truly stellar novel”

Booklife Prize

“a truly exceptional piece of literature”

Reader’s Favorite

“The writing is wonderful and the emotional depth transcends the page. I would give this book a whole bucket of stars if I could.” 

Reader’s Favorite