Ella’s War Honors and Recognition

Silver circular medal with graphic text that reads "Wishing Shell Winner"

The Wishing Shelf Awards has named Ella’s War a 2024 winner in adult fiction.

Graphic text logo - Book Life Prize

Ella’s War has received Publisher Weekly’s BookLife Prize with an overall rating of 9 out of 10 on booklife.com, which calls the book “a truly stellar novel.”

Graphic text logo - Reader's Favorite

Reader’s Favorite calls Ella’s War “a truly exceptional piece of literature” and gives it five out of five stars, their reviewer saying, “The writing is wonderful and the emotional depth transcends the page. I would give this book a whole bucket of stars if I could.” 

Graphic text logo - Hollywood Book Festival

The Hollywood Book Festival has named Ella’s War the first honorable mention in its 2023 awards.

Graphic text logo - Historical Novel Society

The Historical Novel Society had recommended Ella’s War, noting in its review that the difficult decisions that Ella makes on the home front in WWII “arise from…circumstances [that] are universally understandable.”

Graphic text logo - the Wishing book awards

The Wishing Shelf book awards announced Ella’s War as a 2023 Best Book Cover finalist.