A Book, A Party — & Presto, an Author

A stack of Ella's War books in a library.
A stack of Ella’s War books in a library.

What a dream come true. Ella’s War released on May 23, and the response and experience has been amazing.  Good reviews, many congrats, and continued plaudits.  Plus, a party!

The book release event for Ella’s War happened at the historic library that’s practically around the corner from our house.  Built in the early 1800s and specifically designed for oration, this true atheneum had the perfect literary atmosphere for this release event.

What a rush to be at the center of Q&A about the story and the history, and about my writing journey and process.  And then to get to read! So appreciative of the friends, family, library patrons, and fans of fiction that made it a great evening.

Our little town, just on the doorstep of the great metropolis of Philadelphia, has its own beautiful little bookstore now, right on our main street.  Much thanks to Capricorn Bookshop for co-sponsoring the book-party night and helping to lead the discussion.

More events to come!  Send me your favorite bookstore, and we’ll get something going.  Lots of fun things to talk about in Ella’s War.