The Earth’s Ties: Bonds? Gifts? Or Both?

Ella, from Ella's War by Rusty Allen, standing in the dirt

The earth draws us back.  How and why?  Our bare feet want to touch it, so that we can connect to its energy.

Our hands want to reach into it — dig and hold it. Our genes and every corpuscle of our body tells us to do so.  But our friend Ella Hall doesn’t expect it to change her life the way it does.

I feel what holds her.  Everyday.  Do you?

Ancestors in several lines of my family farmed.  As little as two generations back, they worked the good flat, sandy, rich soil of the Delmarva Peninsula, the same dirt that gives forth life on the Hall Farm.  In precolonial times, my predecessors were already there. At it. Digging!

Dear readers, do you know the practice of “earthing”?  Look it up, and every day make sure you touch the bare earth.  Skin to ground.

It will speak to you, remind you, reset you, even if you don’t know it.  Greet it!